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Shenzhen Reborn Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Reborn company, founded in 2003, has two factories with different R & D manufacturing tasks. Reborn’s first plant: Shenzhen Reborn Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd, specializing in high speed hot stamp and die cut machine, has a strong research and development team and innovative capabilities. The first high-speed hot stamp and die cut machine (420 times/ min, 75 m/ min) has been developed at Reborn’s first factory in 2011. As of 2018, having over 2100 installations in over 20 countries worldwide such as markets of European, Middle East and Southeast Asia, Reborn’s machines have been well received by the users. 
Reborn’s second Plant: Shenzhen Reborn Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Reborn company, and is dedicated to the research and development of converting machines such as digital die cut and hot stamp equipment and rotary die cut equipment.
Reborn always offers high quality machines to our customers with our good after-sales service and long life usage worldwide. Our goal is that you can run your booming business in the world. Thanks to our customers’ high degree of affirmation and we look forward to your continuous guide.
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Our company cherished the following qualities the best: temparament, patience, concentration, persistence, preciseness, meticulosity, and spirit of keeping improving, where we can gain interests and fun. This spirit presents on a man and in his heart.