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China Print 2017 is not only an exhibition, but also an all-powerful trade fair
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Four years of the annual China Print comparable to the printing industry Olympic, China Print is the second largest worlds fair next to Dusseldorf Drupa in Germany. The Exhibition originated in 1984, has been held successfully for 9 sessions. No matter to the Chinese printing industry, or to the whole world printing pattern, China Print is a good exhibition to make the industry full of praise!

According to the data released by the organizers: China Print 2017 opening since May 9, a lot of professional audience coming with full of trade atmosphere, a variety of new products, new technologies, new direction dizzying. The exhibition continued until May 11, the professional visitors has reached 46,588 people, more than 160,000 visitors for three days. The number of visitors the two days behind is not announced, but it should be able to achieve 200,000 people that the organizers expected previous.

As the largest and most influential international professional printing exhibition in the world in 2017, whats the market information did the China Print 2017 show us?

Trend 1: Offset and digital concepts are weakened

Whether the traditional offset press supplier or emerging digital suppliers, offset and digital concept has become increasingly blurred. Traditional offset press suppliers have already exhibited mature and complete digital solutions, and companies are no longer only equipment, also basically complete solutions, such as Heidelberg and Komoris digital + offset linkage line, are very clear to pass such a message to the user: the future of the printing market, there will be no clear distinguish between offset and digital, these two printing methods will coexist for a long time.

Trend 2 : printing and packaging market is warmer

The companies that accepted the interview we filled with a smile and said: this is not just an exhibition, it is a trade fair. During the exhibition, the journalist also interviewed a number of the audiences, some of them come with the order. In the procurement needs, a high degree of automation, post-press innovative technology, new products, new technologies, digital applications are their key solution. And with the Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Konica Minolta, Shengding Group,are held at the signing ceremony, some manufacturers have more than half of orders. It is no wonder exhibitors have lamented: The market is warmer up, the industry is still growing.

Trend 3: new technology, new technology, new products have attracted much attention

New product information is still quite a lot. This can reflect the comprehensive strength of exhibitors, but also the audience  want to grasp the trend most. China Print 2017 has six major market hot topics hall, and setting eight special theme zones at the same time, designed targeted promotional programs, help exhibitors and buyers matching business efficiently. Six major halls are: 1. Integrated printing hall; 2. Digital printing hall; 3. Label printing hall; 4. Post-press packing hall; 5. Equipment, supplies hall; 6. Frontier Technology Hall.  Eight special theme zones are: 1. VOC governance zone; 2. 3D printing zone; 3. RFID zone; 4. Internet + industrial robot zone; 5. Internet + printing zone; 6. Internet + packagingzone; 7. Internet + Media zone; 8. Internet + Electronics zone.

Trend 4: The supplier change to service providers

In fact, the supplier is selling equipment, with the changes in market demand, the role of suppliers began to change, is no longer simply provide equipment, but change toward the service providers.

It was profiteering in the past, and now is low profit. Weiyu was formerly a trader to sell equipment, now is a supplier to provide solutions. Only in this way can we enter the stage of continuous development.

Trend 5: The strong rise of national printing

In the exhibition, the largest number of exhibitors is not digital, although the digital is popular, but there is a more popular section, that is China Post-press suppliers, especially the exhibitors from Wenzhou, Yutian, Guangdong and other places. Representative enterprise: ZhongDe Group, ShengDing Group, WenQuan Group, Zhejiang DaYuan, Masterwork, Bost, LiShunYuan,JMD Machinery, Sheng Tu, Zhejiang Wei Gang, Wenzhou Guang Ming, Brotech, Reborn and so on.

Trend  6: digital printing is a nice view

The rise of inkjet printing, digital printing, is detonating the printing revolution, and the integration of Internet data etc. technology, also actively change the printing business model. Printing is being redefined, re-assigned value and content. Representative enterprises: HP, Konica Minolta, Founder, Ricoh and other booths are showing very good products.

HP is the largest area of the booth exhibitor, 3,000 square meters of booth will show 10 Indigo digital printing solutions, showing digital printing brings innovation, high speed and expressiveness. Beside HPs end-to-end solutions, more than 35 media partners, 25 business partners and  60 printing industry engineers are also exhibiting at the HP booth.

In 2016, China's GDP grew 6.7%, the traditional printing grew 2.6%, digital printing increased by 8.25%. I believe that the increase in digital printing will be higher. Digital printing can not fall into the traditional printing strategy, using the vicinity of ideas, taking into account the suppliers, publishers, printers, so that win-win, it may achieve higher growth.