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Reborn Interview: Innovative label post-printing, don't forget the initial heart
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To make products, no matter a country or an industry, can be divided into two categories: one is cater type, to meet the existing needs of customers as the goal; another is change type, to innovate the needs of users as the goal.Time will tell you which products of innovative users' needs may become the market leader

“To make products, no matter a country or an industry, can be divided into two categories: one is cater type, to meet the existing needs of customers as the goal; another is change type, to innovate the needs of users as the goal.Time will tell you which products of innovative users' needs may become the market leader”. Said Mr. Zou Ping, the founder of Shenzhen Reborn Precision Machinery Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Reborn”).

Back to label printing industry, Reborn is to take a road of changing the traditional label post-press hot foil stamping die-cutting mode, bringing the label printing industry a new revolutionary new thinking for the post-press technology. 

1. Perspective of the fickle blind market wind

As we know, China's label printing industry with the development of market economy, especially the personal care products, foods, detergents, medicines, cosmetics, home appliances, small appliances, supermarkets, logistics and other industries rapid development and access to fast growth.

"In my opinion, China's current labeling industry development, all reveal the fickle atmosphere. Label factories, label machinery factories, many are blindly develop, develop new products, new customers and new markets; blindly to reduce the cost; blindly carry out new equipment investment, etc. This is the current status of the label industry. " Mr. Zou talked about the current development of the industry, but not blindly optimistic.

How should the label companies correctly face the market opportunities and the fickle atmosphere?

Mr. Zou Ping believes that those printing plants who can take the initiative to change the customer needs, there will be a better future development and become a new leader in the market.  We look at some of the printing business is very good, and there is much equipment, But these enterprises who meet the market needs will not become the backbone of the future market. Those who change the customers needs, innovative printing plants will be more promising.

In this industry, a lot of customers complained that the market is saturated, low profits. In fact, this is only a high profit era passed, but the market resources are not saturated, only the resources have been reallocated. Low cost, low labor, high profits is no longer exist, so only those continuous innovative and can provide professional and quality products enterprises will get the market recognition.” Mr. Zou Ping said, Reborn regard this as a guide, with the spirit of pursuit of excellence and transcending ego, make us become the first manufacturer of high speed hot foil stamping and die cutting machine in the world.

In 2016, Reborn high speed hot stamping die cutting machine with high efficiency, high intelligence and low labor as the core, by virtue of saving labor, cost savings and other advantages, firmly occupy the sales of the first in the field of paper labels market, achieving sales of more than 50 million. It is reported that Reborns estimated sales will reach 80 million this year.

2. The struggle of original will for new products development

Enter into this industry from 1997 till today, from the printing master to today's business leader, Mr. Zou Ping is a real technical management personnel from the beginning. It is precisely because of this, Reborn led by Mr. Zou Ping is also with the technical staff of the unique focus and serious.

The concept of spirit of the craftsmen is popular recently, it is the artisans make their products crafted, pursuit of perfection. Craftsmen like to constantly carve their products, and constantly improve their technology, enjoy the process of sublimation when the product in their hands. Many people in today's society are impatient, pursue immediate benefit of less investment, short cycle, quick effect, but also makes the spirit of the craftsmen become particularly valuable. And Reborn which led by Mr. Zou Ping, there is a unique focus and serious of technical staff, with a lot of contests of craftsmen spirit.

Mr. Zou Ping said: “When I develop anything, it must have its characteristics. Therefore, when developing new products, we often ask ourselves, what we can give customers? What highlights we have? What changes we can bring to this industry? We must ask ourselves these questions, if we can not answer these questions, then there is no real meaning that we develop the new products. This is the initial power for us to develop every new product.”

It is the insistence that Reborn has become a lucky boy in the market changes. New product development and hot selling, also won the customer's reputation.

3. Show the ambition of ace product

During May 9-13, 2017, the 5-day China Print 2017 is a grand opening at the Beijing new International Exhibition Center. So popular of this exhibition that gathered more than 1,300 exhibitors in the 160,000 square meters exhibition hall. There are a number of exhibition halls for packaging and label theme. Most of the relevant brands, machinery, systems, supplies and finished products occupy morn than half of the exhibition hall. Reborn also brought its best selling machine to the exhibition, and competing with domestic and foreign exhibitors at the site.


Reborn’s RBJ-330B double stations high speed hot foil stamping and die cutting machine is suitable for adhesive, adhesive labels and post-press die cutting materials’ process. It is the fastest die cutting machine in the market at present. The speed is up to 25000 times per hour, more than 75 meters per minute high speed die cutting to ensure stable. High-speed intelligent constant temperature hot stamping effect is remarkable, intelligent servo fixed length. Adopt imported high-speed system integrated control. Operation is more humane and intelligent.

On the exhibition, Reborn introduced PM-360 high-speed combined functional machine for strong recommendation. Its speed is 20000 times/h, 75 meters/min. This machine can be changed between single and double stations, and you also can choose the following process:

1. Combined double stations function:

Pre-laminating (varnishing) + Hot foil stamping (or embossing, creasing, positioning hot foil stamping or die-cutting) + Coating ( or laminating, ink jet) + Die-cutting (or creasing, hot foil stamping, embossing).

2. Switch to two single station function:

If the products don't need coating after hot foil stamping, then you can switch to two single station model. These two single station can run independently.

3. You can choose any additional configurations to load this model at any position. There are two independently unwinders and rewinders.

Mr. Zou Ping said: "Reborn will develop and create more novel and creative equipment. We assert that the future equipment will be high efficient, high intelligence, low labor as the core, must be done with the core technology to get higher use value, and will make operation more and more simple so that no operation technical at all, and this will be the struggling and unremitting goal of Reborns whole team.


Craftsman spirit is not a slogan. It exists on a man and in his heart, raising from the heart and erecting to action. Reborn, it is starting from the heart to action to practice the spirit of craftsmen, innovative users needs will be implemented in the development, production of every step.